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11 October 2005



Ugh. How's the new vet?


Tell Honey to cut that out from me too. Does your new vet have any different methods or information on how to treat doggie seizures, as compared to the anorexic Ann Arbor vet?


Nope. We are in the low range on almost all of Honey's bloodwork levels so there is no sign of liver damage and we're sticking with the phenobarb for now. I will be checking her levels more frequently, however, because I get a discount on her bills. Maybe Honey can afford a dental cleaning now too! You know, the works. Good thing she thinks the vet's office=cream cheese+chasing cats.
Her weight is perfect, btw. No concerns by the new vet...I haven't seen many overweight pets around here anyway, except for bulldogs!


Well, I'm sure her weight is perfect. Sounds like she's been walking her little butt all around NYC with you.

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