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08 August 2005



Is Honey coming aboard too?
Good luck! Keep Joe and me informed! Remember, you can always give my family in NYC a call (and of course us here in Madison too)!!! I'm so excited for you, Lizz!


Holy damn!! Did you commit to an apartment yet, or just decide "fuck it"? Either way, congratulations!

Bum Fights, by the way, were a bunch of videos that came out 4 or 5 years ago. Apparently, the guy producing them paid homeless people to fight with each other and do other humiliating things. I don't know if the videos are still being made or not; they caused quite a bit of backlash.

Scott T.

No apartment and no job. Hopefully she'll find a place for the three of us (me, Lizz & Honey) by the time I'm ready to get there.

The train ride looks nice. It's too bad there's not a more direct route through PA that follows a trajectory similar to I-80.


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